Der Trading-Bot BitcoinX App im Test – Lohnt sich der Bot oder ist es alles nur heiße Luft?

BitcoinX App ist ein so genannter Trading-Bot, der im Namen seines jeweiligen Kunden Kryptowährungen handelt. Die Handelsstrategie ist dabei von verschiedenen Faktoren abhängig. Laut Herstellerangaben nutzt der Bot maschinelles Lernen, eine künstliche Intelligenz und verschiedene Algorithmen, um möglichst zielgenau zu spekulieren und Trades zum richtigen Zeitpunkt auszuführen. 

Im Rahmen der nun folgenden Faktenzusammenstellung, die auf intensiven Recherchen beruht, sowie der zugehörigen Analyse soll gezeigt werden, inwiefern sich der Trading-Bot BitcoinX App, aber auch vergleichbare Angebot auf dem Markt für Privatanleger lohnen. Große Unternehmen nutzen bereits seit vielen Jahren vermehrt Algorithmen und künstliche Intelligenzen. Den wohl bekanntesten Algorithmus im Finanzsektor nennt das amerikanische Unternehmen BlackRock sein eigen. Hierbei handelt es sich um die Risikomanagementplattform „Aladdin“, die dem Finanzriesen dabei hilft, verschiedene Risikobewertungen vorzunehmen. „Aladdin“ stellt ein Akronym für „Asset, Liability, and Debt and Derivative Investment Network“ dar.

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What is BitcoinX App?

It’s a cryptocurrency software that uses artificial intelligence to execute and place cryptocurrency trades. It is trusted because it scans across multiple websites to find the best deals and minimizes risk.

You can see a lot of claims on the platform’s website about its legitimacy as well as details about huge profits you can make trading Bitcoin through this app-based program “BitcoinX App”. In this review, we will examine whether any of these claims are true or false.

BitcoinX App received an "Excellent" rating from our CoinArgus Review Team.

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How does BitcoinX App work?

As stated earlier, this platform involves robotic algorithms, so there is the least human intervention. It allows you to trade bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies with maximum ease.

Let’s make it easier.

All of us are aware of the fact that trading means buying and selling the products. The same is the case with bitcoin trading and other cryptocurrencies. BitcoinX App exactly works on the same principle. When the prices are low, you buy the bitcoins and check for the website that is selling bitcoins at the lowest possible rates. 

Then, you start waiting for the increase in the prices. When the value of the bitcoin increases, you look for a platform where you can sell your bitcoins at the highest rates. In this way, you keep on buying and selling the bitcoin, and the BitcoinX App helps you with this trading process. 

Here the question may pop up in your mind:

What will the BitcoinX App’s robotic system do for me? How can it help me in the trading process?

Well, the answer to this question is quite interesting. BitcoinX App’s algorithm works by finding the websites within seconds with the lowest bitcoin rates when you have to buy them. On the other hand, it automatically redirects you to the sites with the highest rates at the time of selling bitcoin.

The best part is it not only helps in trading bitcoin but works well with other digital currencies too. Basically, this amazing app-based software was designed by digital professionals to save time and energy in finding the right websites for buying and selling bitcoins. It is due to this reason the technology used in this software is highly advanced and can operate 0.01 seconds ahead of the market. 

Is BitcoinX App legit?

If you are an investor and are interested in this platform, you must do your research in checking whether this platform is legit or a scam.

It can be a scam when you are not aware of the volatility and the risks associated with bitcoin trading. But if you are a pro, you will understand that bitcoin and other similar unstable coins do not guarantee any risk-free trading. So it is quite true that your capital is at risk, no matter which app or software you are using for trading purposes. 

Now let’s get to the point. 

BitcoinX App has made its reputation as a legit platform and you can start with small amounts under $250, and there are a lot of legit companies that are currently working with this platform. Various success stories and proofs of earning further make it clear that this is not a scam and anyone can proceed with it to make a profit as a bitcoin trader

But listen!

The only thing that makes it a bit confusing for newbies is the lack of information about the founders and creators of BitcoinX App. Though the platform’s website has not yet revealed much information about it, yet various authentic external resources have confirmed its legitimacy and originality. You can gather even more information by doing your own research. 

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In short, there is nothing considered to be worried about.

How To Start Trading with BitcoinX App


Fill in the form below with the necessary information. It takes less than 5 minutes to register on the BitcoinX App platform. You will receive a free account manager. He/She will contact you within 15 minutes on weekdays!


To reap the maximum benefits of the BitcoinX App software, you need a capital commitment of $250 USD. Via our incredibly supervised affiliate brokers, all deposits are processed. With us, your finances are safe.


For everyone, even total newcomers, BitcoinX App is a trading robot. With the mere press of a mouse, trading occurs and you start trading with potential earnings that could triple your current income.

BitcoinX App received an "Excellent" rating from our CoinArgus Review Team.

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What Are The Pros & Cons Of BitcoinX App?

To give you a clear idea, let’s summarize the key elements and go through the list of pros and cons.


  • Withdrawals are fast and efficient and take only 24 hours. 
  • Supports multiple payment methods
  • Very fast software (0.01 seconds ahead of the market)
  • Integration of advanced artificial intelligence
  • The simple and easy registration process
  • Mobile-friendly app
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Free demo options to check out the functionality without paying even a penny.
  • Supports four cryptocurrencies (i.e. BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP).
  • Security SSL encryption.
  • No prior experience is required.
  • Allows you to make money in the comfort of your home.
  • Manual trading options also available.


  • Limited cryptocurrencies
  • Vague information about the manufacturers
  • The risk factor involved.

What sets BitcoinX App apart from other trading platforms?

When we compare this platform with the other ones, we immediately come to know of the various features that give BitcoinX App an edge over the competitors. 

  • First of all, all the top-notch trading platforms make it extremely difficult to register. When everything seems so difficult initially, newbies do not want to proceed further. BitcoinX App has a hassle-free interface that makes it highly adaptable for newbies.
  • Unlike other trading platforms, it does not limit its users to one payment method. Instead, you can proceed with multiple payment methods at the same time.
  • Though there are various other legit competitors of BitcoinX App that allow Bitcoin trading and trading with other cryptocurrencies, they have very strict and slow transactional processes. While BitcoinX App does not create any kind of fuss and you can withdraw your money within 24 hours or even less. In our opinion, it is a very hopeful feature for the people who believe in making fast money and want to get rich quickly.
  • On BitcoinX App, you can see a lot of positive testimonials and it does not have any kind of bad reviews.
  • Unlike most other trading platforms, the customer support is highly responsive and an online broker always remains there to guide you through the steps. With 24/7 support options, you can easily get connected with live chat representatives anytime, anywhere.
  • It has a valid license and has the permissions to operate in more than 150 countries of the world. Various top trading platforms are not accessible to Asian or African countries, but this is not a problem in the case of BitcoinX App.
  • While many trading platforms have the direct involvement of third-party apps, BitcoinX App is completely free of third-party involvement.
  • Some Pro Tips For BitcoinX App Users
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Working on a platform where thousands of people are making huge profits, can turn out to be a very interesting deal. But keep in mind that you are dealing with volatile cryptocurrencies, so there are chances of losses. 

However, it is possible to minimize the chances to lose money and go ahead confidently. 

Focus on the given tips to make money on BitcoinX App and get profits right into your bank accounts. 

If you are a first-time user of BitcoinX App, it is totally OK. but if you do not know anything about cryptocurrency trading, that can be a great loss. Without any prior knowledge or experience of dealing with cryptocurrencies, you should never be proceeding with BitcoinX App.

So if you have not even the general knowledge, go and learn that first!

  • Even if you have a basic general knowledge of cryptocurrencies, you should need to work more on the specific currency that you are going to trade about. For example, if you want to trade Bitcoin, you must have extensive knowledge of the fluctuations that this currency can undergo.
  • Do not delay the withdrawal of your earnings because you can never predict what will happen next. So after keeping only the initial investments in the account, immediately withdraw the profits. As discussed earlier, withdrawals are fast with BitcoinX App, so you should not delay this part.
  • Use the Demo account options before you practically start investing money on this platform. We have already guided you in the above lines, so never ever start trading without going through the functionality of this platform.
  • Starting with the smallest investment is the wisest decision while working on the trading platforms. No matter how much risk can be minimized or what your confidence level, it is crucial to start from a low pace and grow your profits and portfolio over time.
  • Do your own research and go through all the basic rules and regulations of BitcoinX App before investing money.
  • Come up with the courage to lose money as well. Especially the central tenet of the trading to bear the losses as well. If you do not want to be patient with the losses, you should keep the initial investment amount to the lowest. It is all about being financially responsible while dealing with volatile currencies.

BitcoinX App received an "Excellent" rating from our CoinArgus Review Team.

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FAQs About BitcoinX App

Which cryptocurrencies does BitcoinX App support?

BitcoinX App supports four kinds of cryptocurrencies. 

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ethereum (ETC)
  • Ripple (XRP)

Do I need to download a software or app with BitcoinX App?

No, you do not need to download any app or software to start with it. You can directly access it through the browser with a stable internet connection.

Is my personal data and card information safe on the BitcoinX App?

The site uses the SSL certificate and is encrypted fully. Moreover, there is no involvement of third-party apps, so it is reported that your confidential information remains safe on the site.

Should I make huge investments in the BitcoinX App?

Even if you can afford to make huge investments, it is highly advised to start from the low pace and then move towards bigger investments. Here it is worth mentioning that not everyone should proceed with big investments because dealing with the volatile currency is always risky and you have to face a big loss as well.

So it is not advisable to invest all your money in BitcoinX App. 

Does it provide any customer support?

How much profit can I make using the BitcoinX App?

After going through the user testimonials, you will come to know that there is no limit to profits and you can earn as much as €5,000 daily. But remember that if you want to earn more, you should invest more. However, if you are not in the position to invest a huge amount, it is better to start with the minimum investment and make profits over time. Then, you will be able to invest from your profits. 

Does BitcoinX App Charge Any Kind Of Fees or Commissions?

No! BitcoinX App is entirely free including the registration process. Moreover, the platform does not cut any kind of fees or commissions.

How much should I spend on this platform?

It is a home-based earning system that does not require too much of your time. Only an hour or less per day is enough. Various testimonials reveal that by spending only 20 minutes regularly, you can enjoy huge profits.

Is BitcoinX App available in my country?

BitcoinX App has the permission to work in more than 150 countries. So there are very strong chances that it might be available in your country. Further, you can check the list of countries on the site in which BitcoinX App is available. 

How do I withdraw money?

After completing the submission of all the necessary documents, you will get verified. Then you can easily withdraw funds directly to your bank account. The good news is that you can do transactions on a daily basis and immediately get all your profits and trading capital to your personal account. 

BitcoinX App received an "Excellent" rating from our CoinArgus Review Team.

Try BitcoinX App Now With A Free Account Manager

More about BitcoinX App in review

Buying and selling bitcoins always entice investors. It is due to this reason BitcoinX App is getting immense popularity and has become the hottest topic in the market nowadays. A lot of websites and people are talking about it as a scam. But the fact is it has helped people to make bulk profits and those, who are already working on this platform, are quite satisfied with it.

To give you further insight, it is worth mentioning that American Trading Association has recently awarded it as the Number 01 trading software. Being the latest software, it needs some time to build up a strong reputation in the market to crush the competition. The robotic technology also gives it an edge that will help you in doubling and even tripling your money after a few trades. 

In conclusion: BitcoinX App

It is no secret that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have yielded considerable profits to investors, and after going through the positive testimonials, we can easily understand that things are in the favor of BitcoinX App. The outcome of our research, as stated in this review, has also proved that it is a 100% legit, reliable, and user-friendly platform. Though, there is little known about its manufacturers, we cannot question the authenticity of this award-winning platform. 

But remember that the use of BitcoinX App is more suitable for the people who have a basic know-how about digital currencies especially bitcoin.

Well, now you have read this comprehensive review on BitcoinX App, which part of this review appeals most to you? Has it improved your knowledge about BitcoinX App?

Do a quick comment right now and share your thoughts with us. 

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